About us

The Glia team is working hard to make Free/Libre open source medical hardware that is high-quality, and low-cost. We are a collection of health and engineering professionals who are committed to leveraging the newest technologies to create devices. The current team members are:

Gaza office:

  • Mohammed Abu MatarMohammed Abu Matar (Project Manager, Engineer)
  • Shaker Shaheen (Engineer)
  • Abadallah AwadAbdullah Awad (Engineer)
  • Mohammed Khdeir (Engineer)


Canada office:

  • Carrie WakemCarrie Wakem (Project Manager)
  • Tarek LoubaniTarek Loubani (Physician)
  • Alex PavloskyAlex Pavlosky (Researcher, Medical student)
  • Frankie TalaricoFrankie Talarico (Designer, Audiologist)
  • Azad Mashari (Physician)


International team:

  • Huda Asfour (Biomedical engineer)


Former team members who contributed substantially to Glia's work in the past include: Spencer Chambers, Daria Deluermoz, Jennifer Glauche, Renee Mahoney, Amy Miller, Derek Nap, and Kliment Yanev.