In Person 3D-Printing Workshops (Free)

In Person 3D-Printing Workshops (Free)

In this workshop, you will learn how to 3D-print a fun model (product) of your choosing from our project list. You will be given the opportunity to learn about Glia, an organization dedicated to creating open-source medical devices that are high-quality, affordable and hence accessible. Join us at a 3D-Printing Workshop to learn more! It's free, and no experience necessary.





Introduction (10 Minutes)

  • Introductions, description of learning objectives and schedule for the workshop


3D-Printing (75 Minutes)

  • Hands-on introductory tutorial illustrating how to 3D-print models from your computer using the free and open-source slic3r software.

  • Learn the basics of 3D-printing by printing a fun model together (we have a project list to chose from, or find a model you would like to try on > explore > things).


Glia Equal Care Philosophy (20 Minutes)

  • Explore Glia’s open-access research, development and distribution model for developing high-quality, affordable medical devices.

  • Learn about Glia’s other medical devices under development, as well as opportunities to get involved.

  • Open question and answer period.


Snacks/Socializing/Continuing Discussion (30 minutes - optional)

  • stick around for an informal conclusion where we can discuss any specific questions or topics that you may have relating to 3D Printing, Open Source, etc.



  • Glia Canada Office
    54 Craig Street,
    London, ON


Inquiries & Registration

  • For dates and times for upcoming workshops check out our calendar of events

  • Have a general inquiry or wish to register?  Send us a message to