Why the face shield?

While simple, face shields are critical medical devices used to protect individuals’ eyes, nose and face from transmission via droplets. Wearing a face shield combined with hand hygiene, a face mask, and other preventive measures can help protect against exposure to COVID-19.

Our reusable face shield can be produced using basic materials and 3D printed parts at a significantly reduced cost.

When things break down the most valuable thing that you can do and participate in is these acts of medical creativity

In a proactive attempt to mitigate shortage of PPE in the current COVID-19 crisis, our team is developing and deploying open-source Face Shields to Canadian Hospitals and Health Care Centers around the world. As indicated by global demands for more medical gear, health teams are quickly depleting stores of necessary PPE and put at greater risk of exposure. To tackle this resource issue, our open-source project uses 3D-printed visors with mylar and elastic for a low-cost, quick to assemble face shield. Glia holds a Medical Device Establishment License from Health Canada.

Build & contribute

Production-ready plans for the face shield can be found on our GitHub. With access to a standard 3D printer that can achieve 0.2mm resolution, and common hardware supplies that can be purchased online, a face mask can be produced in as few as 2.5 hours.