Glia's Ukraine Response

Glia's Ukraine Response

After many years of Gaza research and Stop The Bleed community tourniquet training, Glia has been uniquely positioned for the international interest in our open source tourniquet for emergent deployment in Ukraine.


Glia Tourniquet In Use

 Since March 2022, we have sent approximately 850 tourniquets to Ukraine with plans to send thousands more.  We've added documentation to our GitHub, and identified information gaps in tourniquet unit testing and clinical parameters- specifically for decentralized manufacturing.




We are grateful for the overwhelming interest from additive manufactures and volunteer fabricators wanting to create tourniquets for Ukraine. Please see FAQ on our GitHub for more information regarding volunteer manufacturing.



Glia is progressing toward a high quality, injection molded tourniquet production line managed by our Canadian office. If you would like to financially support this effort, please email

Glia has partnered with the University of Western Ontario FAST Research Group to create open source unit testing parameters and an open source , 3DP tourniquet testing device which can be inexpensively made anywhere in the world. We anticipate publication by end of 2022.


Clinical Trial
London Health Sciences Center is preparing a randomized control trial to validate performance of the Glia tourniquet against the CAT Gen 4 tourniquet, engaging LHSC Emergency Medical Services personnel and trainees in London, Ontario. The trial will attempt to prove non-inferiority in the ability for trained volunteers to apply each tourniquet, as well as investigate additional metrics like time to arterial occlusion and instance of mechanical failure. With this data we hope to show that the Glia tourniquet is a viable alternative to mainstream tourniquet systems, allowing for the rapid deployment of life saving devices when and where they are needed.


We are grateful to the countless volunteers, organizations and open source community members who have supported the development, research, funding and deployment of the Glia tourniquet in Ukraine. Glia is committed to creating an open source ecosystem for tourniquet design, testing, clinical use, and qualified decentralized manufacturing. These standards will be accessible and producible by anyone in the world. Please watch our GitHub for continued updates. 


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