Gaza Medical Support Initiative
Gaza Medical Support Initiative
Gaza Medical Support Initiative

Gaza Medical Support Initiative


Donate generously so our doctors can bring their skills and lifesaving supplies to the people of Gaza

The Unfolding Catastrophe in Gaza

We are watching in horror as the humanitarian situation in Gaza continues to dramatically deteriorate. Incessant and indiscriminate bombings by the Israeli military, combined with a strict blockade on food, water, housing, and medical supplies have left Palestinians in Gaza in a fight for survival, with tens of thousands of men, women, and children already having been killed or wounded.

The Complete Breakdown of Healthcare

The systematic destruction of Gaza's medical system is particularly distressing. The Israeli army destroyed medical buildings, kidnapped and killed healthcare workers, and rendered all of the hospitals in Gaza unusable.

In response to this ongoing crisis, Glia is working with the World Health Organization to bring in healthcare workers and medical supplies. We have deployed two teams of doctors, nurses and logistics support, as well as desperately needed medications, and we will continue to provide medical personnel and supplies for as long as Palestinians in Gaza need it and we are able to sustain operations. 

Glia's current work in Gaza

Glia has three initiatives to assist with this devastating situation:

  • We are sending medical delegations and supplies into Gaza every two weeks. They are stationed at the remaining hospitals and clinics in Gaza in order to provide both emergent medical care and also post-surgical care;
  • We are erecting medical tents near hospitals in order to try to alleviate some of the burden on existing facilities. Palestinians in need of routine care or assessment for more minor conditions can come to these clinics for treatment;
  • We are creating an inventory of medication available in our sites, so that all clinicians can benefit from this up-to-date information, and so we can bring the most urgently required medicine with each incoming delegation.


But to do that, we need your support.

Glia is responding to a dynamic situation and has demonstrated its agility in pivoting to needs as they evolve. We are prepared to dedicate as many hours as are needed to accomplishing these initiatives, but we require your help in order to maintain these projects. Your generous donation will allow us to continue to provide this life-saving support.