Glia Kidney-CAP

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Hemodialysis patients often connect to the dialysis machine via fistula, a permanent, surgically created connection between artery and vein in the patient’s arm. Sometimes, unexpected and uncontrolled bleeding occurs at the fistula site, which a hemodialysis patient must emergently manage until medical attention arrives. In the past, patients have carried a bottle cap to control this dangerous bleeding…until now. 

The Glia Kidney-CAP helps patients avoid a medical emergency by “capping” the bleeding, secured in place with any strong medical tape, and gives the patient time to call medical response services.



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Version 1.0 complete, field-testing taking place

Research in progress


Why The Kidney-CAP?

The Glia Kidney-CAP is a 3D printed, Open Source, low cost, compact, easy to use, and effective device for dialysis patient care. It’s portable and accessible via the beaded lanyard, which can be attached to a keychain or other portable home-use device.




Instructions For Use

In the event that a hemodialysis fistula or graft bleeds, one must act FAST!

F   Find your Kidney-CAP on your keychain.
A  Apply Kidney-CAP to your bleeding fistula or graft.
S  Secure the Kidney-CAP with tape.
T  Telephone 911


The Glia Kidney-CAP is the first of it's kind.

Until now, there have been no patient-managed devices for use outside the dialysis clinic. The Glia Kidney-CAP is a vital innovation that increases patient safety, comfort and independence, while decreasing uncontrolled bleeding risk. 

Glia manufactures and distributes the Kidney-CAP, and holds a Medical Device Establishment License from Health Canada.