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    Pulse oximeter

    This device allows for the noninvasive measurement of an individual’s oxygen saturation. The open source pulse oximeter is about to begin clinical trials.

  • Blue electrocardiogram icon

    This device records the electrical activity of the heart. The first prototype of our open source electrocardiogram (ECG) is near completion.

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    This device helps to remove excess water, solutes and toxins from the blood of patients with kidney problems. The Glia team will begin research on this device in 2019.

Glia uses an open-access research, development and distribution model to create high-quality low-cost medical devices that are then clinically validated

We want to change the way people interact with their devices. Providing communities with open-access low-cost medical devices fosters a culture of self-reliance and sustainability. If low-resource communities can access the equipment they need via an open-access model, they are empowered to troubleshoot problems, customize designs to meet their needs and share their findings with others. The ability to share successes in an open-access environment allows medical and technical communities to work together and avoid duplication of work and long feedback cycles. This model allows off-patent devices to exist as high-quality low-cost generic models, which also exerts downward pressure on prices for high-quality premium brands.

Gaza Team
  • Mohammed Al-Attar Executive Director, Physician
  • Hanan Abu Qasem Administrative Director
Canada Team
  • Carrie Wakem Executive Director
  • Tarek Loubani
    Tarek Loubani Medical Director, Physician
  • Chelsea Darling Research Director, Registered Nurse
  • Steve Plimmer Production Manager
  • Britt Darling Marketing Director
  • Azad Mashari Senior Medical Consultant, Physician
  • Benjamin Thomson Senior Medical Consultant, Physician
  • Dave Leonard Business Consultant
  • Jessica Schroeder Design Consultant
  • Zack Muqtadir Technical Consultant
  • Frankie Talarico
    Frankie Talarico Designer, Audiologist
  • Jake Bender Designer & Researcher, Medical Student
Research Team
  • Alex Pavlosky
    Alex Pavlosky Researcher, Physician
  • Emily Stephenson
    Emily Stephenson Researcher, Physician
  • Dresden Glockler-Lauf Researcher, Medical Student
  • Sonya Tan Researcher, Medical Student
  • Lauren Tindale Researcher, Medical Student
  • Vicky Vo Researcher, Medical Student
  • Alaa Taha Researcher, Undergraduate Student
  • Reidun Garapick Researcher, Medical Student
  • Mohammed Chamma Researcher, Graduate Student
International Team
  • Elias Jaffa Physician
Our Collaborators

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People who contributed to Glia’s work in the past include:

Huda Asfour, Spencer Chambers, Daria Deluermoz, Jennifer Glauche, Renee Mahoney, Amy Miller, Derek Nap and Kliment Yanev

Looking to contribute?

All of our projects are open source and can be found in our repository on Github.

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