Glia Workshop - 3D Printing
Glia Workshop - 3D Printing
Glia Workshop - 3D Printing

Glia Workshop - 3D Printing


In the Glia 3D Printing Workshop, you will learn how to set-up and print an object using Prusa Slicer and a Prusa 3D printer. You will also have the opportunity to learn about Glia’s and our philosophy, an organization dedicated to creating open-source medical devices that are high-quality, low-cost and accessible with the end goal of equal care for all.


The Workshop Includes:

  • Introduction (15 Minutes)
  • Hands-on 3D-Printing Tutorial (90 Minutes)
  • Learning About Glia medical devices - how they're 3D Printed and assembled (30 Minutes)
  • Discussion of Glia’s Equal Care Philosophy and Snack (45 Minutes)


Workshop Options

Glia offers three workshop options including:

Option 1: In Person

Workshops are available on site at the Glia Lab, 54 Craig St, London, ON Canada, can support 3 students per session. 

Cost: CAD$200/individual+tax (based on a minimum of 3 students) 


Option 2: On Location

Workshops are available on location at your site and can support up to 16 participants.  You provide the space, and we’ll provide everything else (must be indoors and have access to power plus tables for the 3D printers). 

Cost: CAD$1400/group +tax (depending on location, additional travel expense charges may apply)


Option 3: Remote

Workshops are available remotely via Zoom and can support up to 6 individuals or a single group of up to 16 participants per session.  Remote students must have access to their own 3D Printers and technology.  

Cost: CAD$100/individual +tax (based on a minimum of 6 students)

After your purchase, Glia will reach out to you with available dates and times and schedule your workshop with you.  Covid-19 – please note that masks are still in effect at the Glia Lab for in person workshops.


Glia believes in equal access for all. If you’re unable to afford the full workshop fee but wish to take the 3d Printing Workshop, please reach out to us to discuss possible subsidy options.