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Thank you for your interest in sponsoring our workshops!  

At Glia, we believe that hands-on experience is essential for children in order to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills.Glia Stethoscope Being 3D Printed By introducing 3D printing technology to young learners, we hope to inspire the next generation of innovators and makers.

These workshops are designed for senior elementary-aged students who are interested in exploring the world of 3D printing. Through our interactive sessions, participants will learn the basics of 3D printing and open-source concepts, and gain a deeper understanding of how this technology is revolutionizing industry.

We understand that access to 3D printing technology has been a barrier for many schools in our community. That's why we offer sponsorship opportunities to help schools and organizations bring 3D printing workshops to their students. Glia Stethoscope - Students AssemblingOur goal is to make these workshops accessible to as many young learners as possible, regardless of their background or financial situation.

We are passionate about empowering young learners with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world. Join us in our mission to inspire the next generation of innovators and makers through our 3D printing workshops!


To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, please check out the sponsorship package and view our 3D Printing Workshop overview below.


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