Help Us Stop the Bleed in Gaza: The Gaza Tourniquet

Help Us Stop the Bleed in Gaza: The Gaza Tourniquet

#StopTheBleedGAZA - Israeli Bombardment Putting Strain on Gaza Healthcare...  Donate Now

As of now, Israel is again bombing Gaza. Twenty-nine Palestinians have already been killed, including six children, and over 250 injured. The number will rise as the bombardment continues. The air strikes – coupled with Israel’s ongoing blockade that prevents medical supplies and equipment from entering the region – has greatly exacerbated the dire conditions faced by the area’s 2.1 million inhabitants.

We want to continue saving lives, but we need your help. Tourniquets in Gaza are proven to be highly effective, however, are not readily available. Your donation will equip first responders and emergency rooms in Gaza with this life-saving device.


To help us save lives, please head over to our fundraising page on LaunchGood to learn more about and/or to donate to this urgent cause.

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