3D Printing Workshop - Registrant Preparation

We Look Forward to Your Attendance at Our Upcoming 3D Printing Workshop! In order to prepare for this workshop please ensure that prior to your arrival you complete the following two tasks:

1. Download and install the PrusaSlicer Software;
2. Choose one of the 3D Part Models listed and download it's files from Thingiverse.


1. PrusaSlicer Software

This workshop is presented using Prusa 3D printers utilizing their free and open-source “slicing” software. Downloading this ahead of time will allow you to follow along with the demonstration.  We will cover the relevant features as well as how to use them in the workshop.

Please reference the following steps to download and install PrusaSlicer onto your own computer: 

1a) Download PrusaSlicer

• Select your operating system (available for *Windows, Mac, and Linux) and select the "Download" button (download should start automatically in a few seconds)
• If the software didn't automatically download, select the link that appears to manually download "If the download didn't start automatically, you can get your file here." 
*Note - If you are using Windows, there is a “Standalone” feature you can download. This is a simplified version with less features but is sufficient for this workshop.

1b) Install PrusaSlicer

• Open the downloaded installation file from step one to initiate the PrusaSlicer Setup Wizard
• Select next and follow the on screen prompts to install:

    1. "Install For" - recommend selecting “everybody” when prompted then click next
    2. "Installation Folder" - select desired installation folder (eg. C:\Program Files\Prusa3D) then click next
    3. "Features" - under the "Drivers" section select Original Prusa i3 MK3/S/+ (this is the driver that Glia uses) then click next
    4. "Create Application ShortCuts" - select Desktop and Start Menu then click "Install"
    5. After installation completes, click "Finish" (if prompted)


1c) Configure PrusaSlicer

• The “Configuration Wizard” will appear upon initial launch of PrusaSlicer, where you are able to select specific printers, filaments, units, driver information, etc.
• For this workshop, the default settings will be sufficient
• Select "Finish" and your PrusaSlicer software is ready for use


2. 3D Part Models 

In this workshop you'll work with one of the 3d Models from Thingiverse listed below.  Before attending the workshop, please chose which part you would like to work with and download the part files by selecting the corresponding link below which will take you to the Thingiverse website, then click the "Download All Files" that appears on the page:



(Created by paul0 & licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license)
(Created by atartanian & licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license)
(Created by craeeni & licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license)
(Created by muzz64 & licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - No Derivatives license)
(Created by kenji1206 & licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license)