Hope is A Verb - 3D Printing Emergency Healthcare with Glia's Tarek Loubani

Hope is A Verb - 3D Printing Emergency Healthcare with Glia's Tarek Loubani

Future Crunch - Hope is A Verb Podcast Series

Hope Is A Verb Podcast Series - By Future Crunch

Hosts: Angus Hervey, Amy Davoren-Rose

Tarek Loubani, Glia’s founder, is an emergency physician who has ingeniously designed open-source, 3D-printed medical supplies to effectively address the dire shortages in conflict-ridden areas such as Gaza and Ukraine, as well as low to middle-income regions worldwide. 

During this podcast, Tarek intimately recounts his odyssey as a Palestinian refugee — recounting pivotal moments that have indelibly molded the course of his life and ignited his desire to found Glia and forge top-notch, open-source medical equipment. His aspiration is to ensure its availability and affordability for those who are most in need. Through this conversation, you’ll gain an exceptional window into regions of crisis that often populate headlines but seldom reveal first-hand narratives on the ground. This podcast exudes an arresting and motivating aura, shedding light on these challenging scenarios leaving an indelible impact.



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