Glia Expands 3D Printing Educational Workshop

Glia Expands 3D Printing Educational Workshop

Glia 3D Printed Stethoscope
Glia, founded in 2015, entered the world of 3D printing after designing an open-source 3D printed stethoscope. This first output by Glia proved to be equal in quality and performance to the benchmark stethoscope that was and remains widely used today. Glia adopted the use of this additive manufacturing technology to expand our medical device product offering. To date, Glia has designed and produced five core products with three others currently being developed. Glia expanded operations beyond Canada, to include offices with active manufacturing facilities in Gaza, and most recently in Poland. In 2018, Glia hosted its first 3D Printing Educational Workshop, to share what we had learned and expand the acceptance and knowledge of 3D printing as an alternative to mass production. The first workshops were developed for medical students to help them understand how this technology - one that is relatively inexpensive, portable, and able to run in low-resource settings - could challenge how the medical community as a whole looked at medical devices.


Glia 3D Printing Workshop

Glia has since redeveloped this workshop to expand its reach beyond medical students. We have rewritten the syllabus so that this introduction to 3D printing is inclusive and inviting to anyone of any age who wants to gain a better understanding of how 3D printing works, its practical uses, and how it ties into Glia’s philosophy of #EqualCare. In our redesigned workshop we explain why, when, and how to use 3D printing technology. Participants learn how to set up and print a 3D object using a Prusa brand 3D printer and their slicer technology (software that converts digital 3D models into printing instructions). Our workshops offer hands-on printing experience, and you’ll be able to take home with you the 3D object that you produce. You will learn all about Glia and our dedication to creating open-source medical devices that are high-quality, low-cost, and accessible. We discuss how manufacturing using 3D printing fits our philosophy and allows us to work towards reaching our goal of #EqualCare for all.


Glia’s 3D Printing Workshop runs for 3 hours, broken down as follows:
    • Introduction (15 Minutes)
    • Hands-on 3D-Printing Tutorial (90 Minutes)
    • Assembling a Multipart 3D Printed Object (30 Minutes)
    • Discussion of Glia’s Philosophy of #EqualCare, Snack Provided (45 Minutes)

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    The workshops are tailored to the specific group in attendance and are offered at our lab in Wortley Village (London, ON), on location, and have been adapted to include an online version for those with access to a 3D printer and slicing software technology. This workshop serves as the perfect lunch-and-learn, team-building exercise, or skill set upgrade for those interested in 3D printing and wanting to learn how this technology is changing the world. This practical experience with philosophical inspiration excites everyone about the possibilities that open-source and advancing technologies like 3D printing create. Please visit our online shop to book a spot at one of our upcoming workshops. For larger group bookings, please contact us to discuss available options.


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